Turn right, then veer left

I had written in an earlier post that maybe the only way to get a moderate in the White House, someone close to the center of the political spectrum is to join the GOP and move it left. Who will the democrats field in 2008? Would you rather have someone from the far right rubber-stamped with the seal of approval by these two guys like baby Bush? I found this info in, American Rhapsody by Joe Eszterhas.

  • Pat Robertson keeps predicting the end of the world as casually and as often as weathermen in Arizona predict thunderstorms.
  • Jerry Falwell thinks Tinky Winky is gay because he’s purple and carries a purse and has a triangle on his head.
  • Pat Robertson rails against premarital sex but adjusted his wedding date to hide the fact the child was conceived out of wedlock.
  • Jerry Falwell said he asked Jimmy Carter, “Sir, why do you have known practicing homosexuals on your senior staff in the White House.”
  • Pat Robertson was taped at a Businessmen’s Fellowship event, saying, “Satan begone…a hernia has been healed. If you’re wearing a truss, you can take it off,. It’s gone! Several people are being healed of hemorrhoids and varicose veins!”
  • Jerry Falwell, discussing welfare recipients, said, “That crowd ought to be left to starve until they decide that a job is a good deal.”
  • Pat Robertson called himself and expert in tax law on his resume although he had failed the bar exam in New York State and never practiced.
  • Jerry Falwell sold a videotape on his TV show that accused Bill Clinton of being a murderer.
  • Pat Robertson said, “A Supreme Court ruling is not the law,” and that Congress should “ignore a Supreme Court ruling if it so chooses.”
  • Jerry Falwell demanded a federal task force to consider quarantine or imprisonment for gay people who have sex after they’ve been diagnosed with AIDS.

Democrats the choice is yours. Either field someone who can win, hire James Carville early in the game, or back a moderate Republican before we have someone from the far right shoved down our throats. You have four years, begin now to find or develop someone. I mean, even Sports Illustrated is already preparing to cover the 2008 Olympic games in China, you can never start too early.

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