Do you feel lucky? Punk?

Sat down at my desk at home and saw something jump in the shadows between the edge of the desk and a drawer. At first I figured it might be one of those big golddust gekkos but the microsecond that my brain saw part of it told me ‘mouse.’ I pushed the drawer slowly back to reveal a mouse holding on and possibly looking for an escape route or more likely a better hiding space. It jumped down and was trying to hide behind part of the drawer.

I don’t often waste time with sticky traps, snap traps and the like. So the pellet gun was called into action. I bought it a number of years ago because my cat kept bringing live mice or rats into the house and I needed a way to dispatch the rodents.

Let’s just say the mouse lost this battle. No photos of the aftermath, one shot did it, a tnt. Charlton Heston would be proud.

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