We’re 1st Place! Amongst the losers.

Our walking team didn’t do the most miles, a team of retired ladies who could walk all day took first place with 877.5 miles. Whew! A tough number to beat. We came in 2nd place (first amongst those who didn’t win) at 671 miles for the six weeks. We beat a team of teachers by 28 miles. We did a last big push on Saturday where Melanie and I did 14 miles each as we were determined to past the teachers who had been leading us the past few weeks. It was also to make up for the lack of miles I had done in some previous weeks while others like Joe and Ron pounded away at the path pavement. Like a NASCAR racer we drafted the teachers during the weeks then passed them at the end. The teachers weren’t too happy from what I hear.

Our team sans Melanie. Click on the image above to see who’s who.

We got a bunch of goodies as prizes: Body Glove snorkle cruise for us, Kona Bowl bowling night, Jamba Juice certificates, T-Shirts, water bottles, and other stuff. I was on the 2nd place team last year too, next year we’re gunning for the Elks.

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