Steve Fossett in Hawaii, maybe Kona?

Steve Fossett in Virgin Atlantic’s GlobalFlyer is trying to fly around the world but might run out of fuel. It’s possible he might land in Hawaii, I think it’s also possible he will land in Kona.

Kona International Airport is the back-up emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle if it can’t land at Honolulu International Airport. Honolulu is always busy with local and international flights along with Hickam Air Force Base that shares the airspace. It seems natural to me that Kona would be the choice of Fossett to land at if he aborts his flight back to the mainland. Stay tuned and check on his progress on his website.

Personally I find this whole flying around on one engine, solo business a bit of a waste. Another billionaire with too much money and time on his hands.

*UPDATE: 0717 UTC* Fossett is going for it, has passed Hawaii and is headed for the mainland. Unless he takes a serious U-Turn he ain’t gonna land in Hawaii.

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