We’ll have to wait for the movie?

The Curse of Lono was supposed to be republished in hardcover with a run of 1,000 books that are supposedly numbered and hand-signed by HST and Ralph Steadman with a special forward by Sean Penn. It’s not the same paperback, it’s a larger version. Will the books be signed since HST is dead? I’ve seen seen how they do these special runs like this before, they just have the signatures done on a blank page that’s later built into the book, the people don’t actually sign the finished book so it is possible that HST’s signature will be in the book. Only $300 for a copy, or you could just buy a ticket, fly out to Kona and experience it for yourself.

From HST himself on Feb. 2, 2004:
Sean Penn called at halftime to say he was feeling disillusioned about Hollywood and wanted to take a year off to concentrate entirely on becoming an expert surfer on Oahu’s intimidating North Shore. I had planned to study with him out there, but this huge, dirty, 40-pound cast on my left leg won’t work on a surfboard. So I have devoted my “spare time” to writing the screenplay for a movie based on my long-lost, super-strange novel called “The Curse of Lono,” which will start shooting in Hawaii before the end of this year.

Yes sir, I am a little too busy for my own good these days, and my boys are doing pretty well in the movie business. Johnny Depp is the Sexiest Man in the World. Benicio is a new Oscar winner. And Sean is about to nail a huge Academy Award for Best Dramatic Actor. Josh Hartnett was with me at the savage Honolulu Marathon. John Cusack made a scandalous movie about how it feels to catch syphilis in Norway, and Naomi Watts has a major roll in “The Curse of Lono.”

Will the screenplay ever be finished?

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