Irish Car Bombs…they’re magically delicious

Robin works the controls of Mike’s Canon PowerShot s70 at Mixx Bistro Bar on St. Patrick’s Day. We headed over there since they had live Irish music. Almost too popular that night as they ran out of Guinness beer. We later saw a case of Guinness slide across the bar as someone went out to buy more supplies. The place is part of Kona Wine Market so although they’ve got plenty of wine on hand they weren’t prepared for the crush of people wanting to drink Guinness.

A tradition started last year with Travis is having Irish Car Bomb drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. Here are the parts, a shot glass with 1/2 Irish Whiskey, 1/2 Bailey’s Irish Creme and a glass of Guinness. Tastes like chocolate milk.

Click on the above image for a video (5MB) of some bomb dropping and music by Kona Celtic Connection.

Mike and Robin later at Quinn’s resturant where they were serving green beer and corned beef & cabbage made for dinner

Robin via a green beer gel. No pinching.

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