Birthday Girl

Birthday girl Peggy and Travis. A group of us got together for some late night food and drinks for Peggy’s birthday. After working the whole day then driving back into town there wasn’t much of the day left.

Half of the Cassandra’s group. Peggy, Travis and Aaron.

Me and Carolyn with the birthday group at Cassandra’s. I didn’t take many photos, this one accidently had the flash off, the one with the flash on had our eyes closed, not that we were that far gone since Carolyn was Jim’s DD.

Besides Juni’s Karaoke the entertainment of the night was having 5-6 police cars stop to check-out a pair of folks sitting along Alii Drive. Not sure what kind of business the cops thought they were busting up, they searched the bushes behind them, talked to them awhile and finally let them go.

At the end of a late night. Didn’t they ever teach Travis in elementary school to put his cigarette out before nap-time?

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