Running on Empty

Turned on my iPod and after five seconds I got this message.

Then five seconds after that I got this.

Crap, I’ve got to remember to recharge the darn thing if I’m going to be out and away from power for awhile.

I’ve got a 20GB iPod and yesterday it was full! Of course my first reaction was, I should buy the 60GB iPod Photo so I have more room but then I came to my senses. I had vowed not to buy a new iPod unless they came out with one with a memory card slot on it so I can use it as a digital wallet to store photographs on from my digital camera. Yeah, I know they have cables and card readers that attach to the current iPods but those transfer at super slow speeds and are just one more thing to carry around. So I decided to purge the iPod of excess stuff. I had a ton of Podcasts on it so I went ahead and deleted a number of them and freed up almost two gigabytes. Hurry up Apple, I need a new iPod.

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