Heeeeer’s Johnnie!

Here’s Johnnie…Matt and Abbie’s baby, Sophie’s little bro. He was pretty interested in my camera and at one year old I actually had him take a photo or two, just had to point at the shutter button and he went to town. A natural photographer.

Friday night was prep night for the big yard sale Saturday morning. Everything must go as Matt and Abbie’s family prepares to leave for Arizona. Whatever hasn’t sold this Saturday will make a repeat performance at another yard sale next Saturday.

Kaleo, Johnnie and Abbie enjoying some playtime in the living room. Kaleo writes a botony column in North Hawaii News. The entertainment center and TV in the background are for sale, maybe they’re sold already. I was thinking about the TV as mine has a busted tuner but still works via my VCR. The shoji screen in the back left went to Melinda who was also there trying to make some order out of this prep night.

Another photo of Johnnie and Abbie in the soon to be empty living room.

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