Misty Mountain Hop

I dug around in my closet to find whatever warm clothes I could find for my nephew, niece, sister and brother in-law as we took a trip up to the Mauna Kea Visitor’s Center for a night celestrial exploration. I think the clothes are a bit too big for the kids.

Kyler and Alyssa out in the cold wind with me posing for a photo by my sister. Temperature gauge up there said 43F but it was probably colder as I never saw it budge much, it might have been broken, plus that doesn’t account for wind-chill.

That’s a little more like it inside the heated visitor’s center watching a video presentation before a lecture about the night sky. My sister Cheryl along with Kyler and Alyssa.

Instead of inside I was out in the cold rain trying to get a decent photo of this rainbow. They just have all of these smaller telescopes out in the rain. I was crossing my fingers that the rain and clouds would go away for our celestrial viewing.

The start of the lecture, more like an informal question and answer talk as things are pretty relaxed up there. I didn’t get this fellow’s name but he was great explaining everything. And yes, the skies did clear-up, beautiful view of the stars and planets and this guy used a laser pointer to show us all the different objects in the sky. We also saw a few satellites whiz by. In some of the bigger telescopes you could easily see sharp images of the rings around Saturn and Jupiter with its moons. A pretty successful night of viewing I’d recommend it to everyone.

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