Podcasts go mainstream

Apple has really done it up slick with their new iTunes 4.9 with Podcasting enabled. A very easy to use program, nice directory and tons of content for free. Click on the logo on the left and head on over to Apple who has released both the Mac and Windows versions of their Podcast aggregator for free via iTunes. Don’t you just love free stuff?

An update will come later today which will be back-dated with photos from yesterday so stay tuned. In the meantime, go get some free Podcasts.

*UPDATE: I’m back to using iPodderX as my Podcast aggregator. iTunes, though slick and cool, doesn’t multi-task the podcatching that well, doesn’t allow Bit-Torrent downloads of podcasts and hey, I paid for iPodderX so I might as well use it. Plus it messed up an Audio Hijack Pro session I had going on when it turned-on its podcatching.

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