Gone Fishing

Assignment today was spending the day aboard a charter fishing boat for the Hawaii International Billfish Tournament

Our new sportswriter Brendan wishes his sister a happy birthday about halfway through our nine-hour day aboard the Rod Bender in the HIBT.

A very calm day motoring around off the Kona Coast for a day of deep sea fishing. We were assigned to cover the Malindi Game Fishing Club of Kenya with their three generations of anglers on board. A great group and they tagged and released two blue marlins to get into third place on the leaderboard on the first of five days of fishing.

Conditions on the ocean were very smooth due to the lack of wind which meant increased vog in Kona from Kilauea Volcano. Not that it was hot on the boat since we were motoring around the whole time providing a nice breeze on deck, in the cabin it was air conditioned too. Cloud cover provided relief from the sun which did come out a number of times.

Click on the Cellphone Images stuff on the sidebar on the right to view a short little video of the senior member of the club kicking back in the fighting chair as we motor off the Kona Coast.

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