Take meds, apply heat, relax, repeat

I’ve had a killer headache for the past week or so, felt like a brain tumor. My doc, on Saturday told me it’s a strained muscle in my neck that has fellow muscles spasming along with it. So yes, it’s official…I’m a spaz. Anyway she wrote me a script for some muscle relaxant meds, anti-inflamatory meds and recommended a heat pack or balm.

I got some Tiger Balm but it’s kind of reminds me of that old-man BenGay smell. So I found this ThermaCare stuff in the store and it rocks! It’s an air-activated heat pack that lasts 8 hours, no smelly balms. I just wouldn’t recommend walking out in public with the heat wrap on your neck unless you want to look like you had been attacked by a rabid dog as it looks like a big bandage.

Funny, during the kayaking my neck/head didn’t hurt at all so I think exercise keeps the spasming muscles distracted or something. I’m finally feeling some relief today. Whew!

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