Broken Toe?

My black & blue little toe which got pile-driven into the deck of a sailboat with my full weight when it pitched. I was on assignment, this happened at the start of the assignment. A little squeeze of my toe was pretty excruciating so I’m not sure if it’s just badly bruised or broken. Still spent the next five hours shooting photos on the sailboat.

Since this kind of stuff always happens on the weekend when the Kaiser Clinic is closed I had to go to the Kona ER to check it out. We’ll see what is up with it as I need to be sure I’m not going to mess it up more, especially with the Ironman Triathon I have to cover next weekend.

Got some dead blood in there.

Here’s my view from the boat I was on, broken toe and all as the boats jockey around for the starting horn. Nice day to sail.

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