Steve Jobs! Send me and Adam Curry a new PowerBook! Right now!

I like Apple products, I own Apple products, I’ve even owned Apple stock which did quite well for me. And my own Apple products have always worked well. But the PowerBooks from work are cursed. The original 15″ PowerBook assigned to me from work had its hard drive give up the ghost. So I was assigned another PowerBook 15″ which was fine until now a few months later.

After a two days of editing photos, captioning and driving from Waimea to Kona to hardwire connect to the network and copy my finished photos over the PowerBook’s hard drive has crapped out. This is a different PowerBook from the original, no indications whatsoever that there was any problem. It just wouldn’t wake up from sleep and when trying to restart it it just has a black screen and I can hear the hard drive try to spin but then nothing. nada

I have never mistreated the laptop, it looks like mint condition, I keep it in the oversized padded computer case all the time and I only use it during work since I have my own laptop that is tricked-out the way I want it.

If you listen to the Daily Source Code with Adam Curry you would have known that the same thing happened to him, a dead hard drive in his PowerBook. He cried, swore then begged Steve Jobs for a new PowerBook. So I’m doing the same.

For Adam’s and my company’s PowerBook listen to Requiem for a PowerBook

Now I’ve got to get back to working on recovered image files, thanks Photo Rescue.

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