May cause drowsiness, do not operate heavy machinery after ingesting

Whoa! Went to the Swing Zone driving range today for lunch, I had heard that Big Jake’s Island BBQ was there so I decided to visit since I had one of their pulled pork sandwiches last month at the Kohala Country Fair in Hawi. I decided to go for a cheeseburger since Brian and I had toyed with the idea of rating the cheeseburgers around the island. Only cheeseburgers under $10 count so that $25 Kobe Beef burger at the Mauna Lani is out.

I ordered this burger from Jake’s and it was more than I could eat. It had a handmade burger, nice homemade type bread, kinda looked like that JITB cibatta bread in the commercials, fixings on it and seasoned curly fries. After consuming as much as I could I had to go home and take a nap, it’s a good thing I never ate one of these things during my lunch break from work. Co-workers had commented with glee about all the ribs they got when ordering a ‘full rack’ at Jake’s. The burger was pretty good so it goes up there on the list along with the Harbor House. Gotta make up a page for a listing.

See the menu below. And remember, don’t eat and drive after consuming one of these things, have a designated driver who just orders the coleslaw.

Open 11am-2pm for lunch, 5pm-7pm for dinner at the Swing Zone. Call the South Kona location for their times.

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