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It’s 3a.m. and I just got off Second Life where a group got together with author Cory Doctorow where he shared his thoughts on writing, being a writer and answering questions as best his jet-lagged fingers could type. This is the ideal kind of situation to use the virtual world of Second Life. You get a better feeling of actually meeting the author and chatting them up rather than just going to an online chatroom where all you see is text.

Of course I still had to deal with the time differences between where everyone was. The small group was from all over the world so local time differences varied. The get together was hosted, get this, in the basement bar of a library. And yes, this library does have books that you can read. A pretty cool place and venue for an event like this. And being a photographer of course I had to shoot some photos of the event which the program allows me to easily do.

For more info on these kind of events see the Second Life Writing Wiki.

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