Birthday 2x

Carolyn and Jim’s birthday today as we gathered at Kona Brew Pub for some food and drinks. We didn’t get Jim plastered but there’s always the weekend.

Sylvia laughs as Glennon tries to act serious. Something about karaoke and kal-bi.

Melita and Mike discussing world issues like, is a lapdance bar going into Zac’s Business Center?

The birthday boy with his first beer and Andrea, sans lunchwagon costume from an earlier post, hang out at the brew pub.

Mike is revved and ready to take off on the bike as Glennon has ahold of his piece of ass. When Sylvia, Glennon and Melita’s pizza arrived the pub accidently put anchovies on it, most thought it smelled like ass so they brought a new pizza but let them keep the original. Glennon’s Saturday lunch.

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