Is Apple overwhelmed?

I don’t mean to be such a kvetch but I’m into week two of not being able to purchase anything from the iTunes Music Store, can’t even download the free music they offer every week. Great way to turn people to using LimeWire or BitTorrent or other means for their music Apple. I’ve noticed that others are also complaining about not being able to buy music, seems to be widespead.

It all started when I wanted to buy the Green Day videos Bullet in a Bible, 15 videos and a digital booklet. But I got an error like the above when doing the purchase. So I bought it via a gift certificate for myself. The gift certificate doesn’t work and now their website says there are only 14 songs with the first song starting as track #2. Weird, they don’t even really list the video album in you go to the Green Day page in iTMS. You have to search for Bullet in a Bible.

Okay, enough of a rant for now.

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