Can’t stop

Okay, you probably read in the above post that my car battery died and I was lucky enough that it started for the drive back to Kona. It almost didn’t start but had just enough juice to get the engine going in Waimea.

So anyway, I’m on my way back to Kona when I see how beautiful the sunset is (actually it looked even better through my sunglasses which are tinted golden). So I saw a spot on the side of the road and I pulled over to stop. Just when I was about to turn the engine off and rush out with my camera gear the alarm bells went off in my head…whoop….whoop…whoop…don’t turn the engine off you dummy, your battery is dead! I quickly took my hand away from the key, revved the engine and started heading back to Kona again. That was a close call!

So on the drive back I held my little PowerShot camera up and shot this photo through my car window. Actually I shot about a dozen photos and this is about the only one that came out. It’s hard to shoot photos while driving and not looking through the viewfinder, after all the priority is on the driving.

Oh yeah, we got our first snowfall last night on the mountains. Mauna Kea was snowcapped on my drive to Waimea in the morning.

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