Salsa – Fastest growing condiment in the USA?

One more recipe. A favorite of mine and my friends seem to agree, yet it’s so simple. It’s a rip-off of Chili’s salsa. Once you try this salsa you’re unlikely to ever buy pre-made salsa again. I just keep a couple cans of diced tomatoes handy in the ‘fridge to make this.


14.5oz. Can of diced tomatoes
1/4 Small or Medium Onion
3 Tbsp Sliced Jalapenos
1 Tbsp White Vinegar
1/4 tsp Cumin (ground)
1 tsp Salt

Combine everything together in a food processor and run until tomatoes are nearly pureed yet still chunky. I toss everything into a container and use a hand blender, makes cleanup a breeze as the salsa is stored/served in the container.

Le Secret: Use at least another tablespoon of jalapenos for that extra punch. And I usually use no-salt canned diced tomatoes and leave out the tsp of salt. There’s enough salt in the jalapenos and chips.

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