Road Trippin’

Waipio Valley on a cloudy, rainy, windy day. Pretty good sized swells in the bay and the waterfalls were going fairly well across the valley and in the valley walls. This is a vew from the lookout in Kukuihaele after an assignment.

Sportswriter Brendan came along for the ride on assignment and we found the often seen pastureland rainbow in Waimea. Here he takes a few photos before playing human Frogger trying to get back across the highway.

And once back at the paper I got the blue screen of death, Mac style. We continue to have problems with our computers, I’m fairly sure it isn’t because of the computers themselves but because of tight controls on how the computers function by the company. I booted up and had a BSD Login prompt come up on a black screen flash for a second before it went to blue screen.

I mean, I can get to the login prompt on my own PowerBook by holding down Command-S when starting up but the company computer shouldn’t do this on its own. Weirdness.

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