MacBook Pro: what got left out

Apple just introduced the MacBook Pro today at MacWorld in San Francisco. This is their new Duo Intel cpu machine and their first Intel laptop. Should you buy one? There are some serious omissions on this new laptop.

1. No PC Card slot, it now has something called ExpressCard/34 which will be the new standard for expansion cards. So if you use a networking PC Card, or PC card reader for memory cards or want to buy that spankin’ new Bluetooth mouse that recharges in the PC Card slot you’re out of luck. What kind of terrific Express Cards can we use? None yet, there aren’t any for sale yet that would work in this Mac.

2. No Firewire 800. I’ve got two external Firewire 800 hard drives that are very speedy but if I bought a MacBook I’d have to use the slower FW400 or USB2.0 to connect. Is Apple conceeding Firewire to Intel’s push for USB?

3. No S-Video port built-in, my current PowerBook has one. So much for that S-Video projector you bought. Notice only five puka on the right side of the laptop instead of seven.

4. No RJ-11 jack for dial-up modems. The last fallback on connectivity to the Internet is gone. My folks still don’t have broadband so there’s only dial-up at their place. And many older hotels don’t have broadband, just that double RJ-11 dohickey adapter on the phone jack.

5. The new MagSafe power adapter that falls out if you trip on your power cord. Good idea but now all those extra power adapters you own and every third party adapter manufacturer is SOL. Apple should make a ton of money selling extra power adapters.

6. Battery life information is MIA from the tech specs page. Just how fast is this thing going to suck down the batteries?

7. No Classic OS9. When was the last time I ran an OS9 app? Probably only about 2-3 times in the past year so this one is not much of a loss at all.

8. Single instead of Dual-Layer DVD burner.

Do I want one? Sure, right after they release a Photoshop for Mac on Intel along with a VirtualPC that runs at full speed. It won’t be available till February anyway, maybe some of these issues will be resolved by then. And seeing as how my birthday is next month I hear these laptops make great gifts!

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