WTF? Bizzaro hard disk issue

Got the PowerBook going again but running off an external Firewire hard drive. Finally got Disk Warrior to work and when run I got the above panel. What’s up with that? I never gave the main partition that name. The only two references I can find is on Yahoo where it references that as a keyword for two eBay auction sellers, even more of a deeper mystery. Is this some kind of worm or virus? To have something that specific only found in the keywords for an auctioneer is really strange.

Anyone else encounter this weird NotQuiteMaxDisk name?

*Mystery Solved*

From Alsoft tech support:

The drive name “NotQuiteMaxDisk” is a test name for when the computer is
being built at the factory.

The fact that DiskWarrior is seeing the older name indicates there is
directory damage to the drive in the locations where the current drive
name is stored.

This is a minor issue and should be repaired once you run DiskWarrior.

— Marc

All is well, ran Disk Warrior and everything is back in place, nothing lost, things running fine again. But I’ve ordered a replacement hard drive that’s bigger and faster anyway as I am running out of space. The leftover drive will go into an external case to be used to troubleshoot computers, mine and others.

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