Busy as a B

Got the new hard drive in last night, spent today reloading all the data from a backup. The 100GB drive formats out to about 93GB. I’ve been so busy the past week, all day/night assignments, fixing people’s computers, fixing my own computer, the time just flies. I’ll have to back date some posts that I’ll get online tomorrow, some photos of the guts of my laptop and more photos of Andrea’s going away at Durty Jakes.

On a scale of 1-10 I’d rate the replacement of the hard drive in my PowerBook to be about a 7. If your idea of difficulty is adding memory to a laptop computer, which I’d rate a 2, then I’d say pay someone else to do this kind of work for you. For most folks who work on computer repairs all the time the job felt like maybe a 4 in difficulty but compared to the average John Doe doing the work I’d say 7 is fairly accurate.

The scale being 1=changing the main battery of a laptop or putting the little rubber feet on the bottom to 10=rebuilding parts for the constant tension spring assembly for the hinge (a bitch to do which I’ve done) or hardwiring/unwiring components which I’ve also done.

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