Brian’s Blogger Cheat Sheet

For Brian, an html cheat sheet (snip, copy and paste the text below onto a Stickies page then paste the html code into your blog text when needed) The first line is the description the bottom one is the code for you to copy and paste.

Replace URL with the webpage address
Replace TEXT with your text your want linked
Replace IMAGE with the address of your image
Replace EMAIL with the email address of your NAME

———————- snip ———————-
<img src="URL">

Link an image to a URL which pops-up on a new page
<a href="URL" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGE"></a>

Link to a URL
<a href="URL">TEXT</a>

Link to a URL which pops-up on a new page
<a href="URL" target="_blank">TEXT</a>

Email link
<a href="mailto:EMAIL">NAME</a>

———————- snip ———————-
For instance for the image below the code looks like this:
<img src="">

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