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Le Secret of Kohala

Dawn will appreciate this. I was in Kohala today on assignment and was lamenting about how I couldn’t get Dorito Salad anymore in town. Then a gal told me the recipe for the dressing. I had everything I needed at home except the shredded cheese and Doritos which I promptly shopped at KTA so I put together my own Dorito Salad tonight.

It’s not quite the same as the one in the resturant because I have some fancier greens, the resturant in Kohala had plain iceberg lettuce. But the dressing was right on and pretty tasty. Now about that Korean Chicken recipe….

*update* Dawn’s comment from the old blog site to this post.
Hey! who gave out the secret?? did they make you pay big bucks?

Here’s my “secret “Korean chicken recipe. 1 cup shoyu, 1/2 c sugar, minced garlic (if you like a lot, put lot, if little, put little) and about 2 tsp of mirin. Boil until sugar is dissolved. dip your freshly fried chicken wings or pieces into the sauce, one-by-one. re-dip pieces again and serve.
If you try it, let me know what you think
dawn | 03.07.06 – 9:11 pm | #

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