TV or not TV, that is the question

Went to Costco today to check out new TVs. I currently have a Sony Trinitron 19″ TV that has a busted tuner so the only way I can watch TV is to change channels via the VCR. I actually don’t watch that much TV but it would be handy to not have to deal with the VCR biz. Also it would be nice to be able to plug in headphone should I want to crank up the sound late at night, like if the Xbox is on.

This sucker is expensive. For some reason I can foresee some burglar sneaking off with it. I doubt a burgler would even bother with my current TV. I like the idea of an LCD TV. Lighter, smaller, flat screen, hopefully less power draw and widescreen 16:9 viewing aspect. But still we’re talking at least a ‘G’ to get one this size.

Also note the asterisk in the upper right of the tag, I heard that if you see an asterisk or plus sign in the upper right corner that means something like it’s discontinued, or what you see on display is all they have, something like that. In other words, if there’s a * or + in the upper right corner and you want it, you had better buy it.

I also saw a Sony I kind of liked for about $5 cheaper but the picture looked rather anemic, not enough color saturation.

This was interesting and seemed to have a good picture. Widescreen CRT TV, VCR and DVD player but a review online noted two faults: Can’t watch one channel while recording another, no headphone jack.

Looks like I’m hanging onto my junky TV for awhile. Anyone got any good TV suggestions for a nice TV under $1K? At least 20″ diagonal, stereo, not bigger than 26″, headphone jack, built to last. I’ve read about some of these Toshibas crapping out on people if the power goes out while it’s on, something that happens often on the Big Island.

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