It’s Alive!

I know, I know, this blog looks way different and I kind of lost all the comments. But at least I got it working, I’m off Blogger and WordPress is much more powerful.

I could have imported all the comments via some tricky scripting but I’m too lazy for all that extra work. After all, I’m not the one usually leaving comments anyway.

Should I leave the blog white or change it back to black?

6 replies on “It’s Alive!”

The text is easier to read. But where are the topless celebrity photos?

I just found an L&L Drive Inn about 3 miles from my office (Here, they call them L&L Hawaiian Barbecue). I'm going there for lunch today. Chicken katsu and beef teri, here I come!

You would be the one to pop this blog's comment cherry.

Here you go Brian, though I don't know if they're celebrities. I think I'll leave the background white as it probably is better for those on crappy LCD screen laptops to read.

And no, I didn't go to 311 last weekend, bummer.

I'm thinking the Vivica Fox photo is fake. Why would she pose for photos in that dress if she had a deformed boob?

And the Suicide Girls are on the radio here. I haven't checked, but you might be able to also get them online at Indie's (103.1 FM) Web site.

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