When I was a kid…

Benz ain't peace
Went to a kids show today with a 60’s theme. Ten points for the person who knows what’s wrong with this poster.

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Nice peace signs – or are they upside-down thongs?

Damn, Kona kids can't even get POT references right. I thought that was the one thing they were good at…

10 points for Da Mayor. Yeah, those are Mercedes-Benz logos as it's missing the center bottom part.

<img src="; align='left' hspace='3'>When I was a kid during the height of the Vietnam War peace signs were everywhere and I always assumed that the peace sign was derived from a dove's footprint. But Wikipedia has the history of the peace sign going back to 1958 and doesn't reference a dove.

Wasn't it George H.W. Bush that thought he was flashing the peace sign in Australia by holding his fingers up in a V-shape but had the back of the hand to the crowds in the street instead of forward? Apparently that means F***-You if you have the back faced to the person. Maybe he should have made it clear by also flicking his tounge at the bottom of the V if he wanted to really get his message across.

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