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There can be only one MC

Master Chief
A trailer for Halo 3. Looks like Brian’s gonna have to get an Xbox 360 next year. Maybe HD-DVD will die a swift death by then and it will have a Blu-Ray drive in it. Supposedly the trailer was rendered on an Xbox 360 so that’s what the game will actually look like. Finally a decent Xbox 360 game to justify the upgrade?

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is also awesome on the Xbox 360 – and it's the platform's best seller. I got addicted to its predecessor, Elder Scrolls III, on the Xbox. You should try that one. It's complicated, but fun once you learn controls. I might upgrade after Christmas. I haven't been playing much Xbox lately either.

BTW, I finally talked with Eugene Tanner this week. He works the evning shift at the Santa Ana office. I sent him a SameTime (the Register's IM) and told him I worked at WHT for more than five years. He called me up in a trumped up pidgin accent and said "You from Hawaii?"

Starr and Mr. Starr and coming into L.A. Saturday, and we're meeting for drinks.

I hardly ever play my Xbox after I finished Halo 2. Elder Scrolls sound like the kind of game I usually try avoid, too much cerebral thinking involved.

And I'm batting .000 as far as buying new games. I won an Ebay auction for a game, a WWII pacific theater game, over 1.5 months ago and the seller kept saying it was backordered. I chewed them out a few times and finally cancelled the order this week and got a refund. Another game I ordered, Painkiller: Hell Wars, kept getting pushed back on it's release date, month after month. And Gamespot decided to cancel my order for me, idiots.

Tell Eugene to come to the SportsShooter workshop in September, I'll be there.

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