It’s true! Well, almost

Here in Hawaii we always laugh at folks on the mainland who think that locals live in grass shacks and girls walk around in hula skirts. But driving through town I saw this gal in the hula outfit chatting with someone on the corner. No, it didn’t look like she was trying to promote something, she had a shopping bag in one hand. It just looked like an ordinary person stopping to chat with someone on the corner except for the outfit and when she was done chatting she walked down the sidewalk. So maybe part of the myth is true.

I haven’t seen too many grass shacks with residents living in them lately or bare butts with sand stuck on them at the beach lately either like those postcards they sell.

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yeah, I've seen her taking the city bus back and forth to Waikiki always in full-custume, where she either works for a vendor doing a wooden-Indian gig, or does it on her own (?). She doesn't appear to be the least bit self-conscious about the impression she might leave on the people she passes on her way to work….city kind style.

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