The water is wide

Baron on OB1
After getting back to the Big Island I went right to work shooting one assignment indoors then changing into shorts and hopping a boat to shoot canoe racing on Kailua Bay. Choppy waters caused five canoes to huli (turn-over) so the regatta was cut short due to time constraints. Good thing I don’t get seasick as the boat was pitching to and fro as I shot my photos. This is a low res cameraphone photo near the Kailua Pier as we pull in for me to jump off the boat.

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ey, whaddya mean you don't get seasick? Isn't that why you bought that niffy watch-like gadget I used kayaking??? ps. moving into my condo in a couple of weeks. my brother set up my computer – when I set up mynew e-maill address will let you know.

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