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Waikiki Workshop

A bit of a geek-fest as photographers work on their images for tomorrow’s workshop on sports photography. If you haven’t already figured it out I’m attending an AAJA journalism workshop in Waikiki. But we’re not just limited to Waikiki as later we headed for the Honolulu Academy of Arts for the opening reception.

Video of Kevin getting the photogs ready for their sports shooting session and some of the prints up for the silent auction.

Seems like all the events are centered around food and today I got my fill of dim sum for lunch and dinner. Photographers always have a great time getting together, there’s no guilt in going off on stories about assignments and talking about photo gear that might bore the normal human being.

Corky and Karen, left, chat up Michael from National Geographic after our pig-out lunch at Bejing Restaurant.

At the Academy of Arts busloads of journalists got into the aloha spirit with lei greetings by keiki. The Mai Tais helped too once inside. And even more food, Hawaiian Regional Cuisine style. I know I should have taken photos of the grub but balancing a mai tai, plate of food and camera became a bit of a juggling act.

Entertainment consisted of this group that combined taiko drumming, vibraphone (or xylophone, I didn’t get a good look), sax, and other stuff. Another stage had hula and polynesian dances and a third had jazz. Quite a great combo of food and entertainment.

Lucy, daughter and Dennis all seem to be seeing something jaw-dropping at the Academy of Arts. All of everyone’s photos has Dennis with his mouth open.

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Dude, a bunch of Register reporters are there: Ellyn Pak, Erin Uy (Hawaii native) and Mira Jang.

Look 'em up. They all work in the Anaheim bureau with me!

Actually Eugene Tanner is the photog working on the computer with the white tag hanging from his neck looking down. Been seeing and chatting with him at the conference. No sign of your reporters but there are a bunch of folks here.

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