We need Samuel L. Jackson

Captain Cook Monument smallThe British newspaper the Daily Telegraph recently ran a story about the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay and the access to it. From their article, “There is no boat service to the obelisk. Hikers face a steep three-hour return journey down a snake-infested hill marked only by a telephone pole with a painted arrow.”

I don’t know what the writer Francis Harris was smoking on the hike down to the monument but snakes on the hill?!? That’s just as preposterous as Snakes On A Plane.

There had better not be m*thaf*kin’ snakes on the hill.

The only live snakes in Hawaii are the ones in the zoo, the ones idiots secretly keep as pets in their homes, the once-in-a-great-while brown tree snake that sneaks in via a shipping container from Guam and the Brahminy Blind Snake which I’ve seen in my backyard as a kid. But those blind snakes are tiny and smaller than an earthworm.

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I think technically she lost your mask in the ocean. She gave you back your snorkle, which she was holding onto when the mask fell-off. But hey, she bought you a new one, that I now have. So your lost is my gain :D

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