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The Ghetto Big Mac

The ghetto Big Mac for one dolla plus fries!!!!

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This video was very educational. Until today I didn't know the difference between a cheeseburger and a Big Mac. I am proud to say I have only eaten one McDonald's hamburger in my life. One was enough.

Plus my mom says the ghetto Big Mac will never work in Kona b/c none of the employees at the local McDonald's speak English.

McDonald's sells a side salad for just $1. They don't always automatically give the little bag of croutons, so if you want that you have to make sure to ask for it. I calculated the calories, and if you order the side salad, use only half a pouch of one of the "light" salad dressings (and really, that's all you need because those pouches are on the large-ish side), and use only half the bag of croutons, the whole thing comes out to roughly 65 calories.

I found that as long as I ate some fruit and maybe an energy bar in the morning, their $1 side salad is the perfect light lunch especially if you have a job that keeps you zipping around town for most of the day.

Seriously, a dollar for a salad that's already prepared for you. Can't go wrong with that =)

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