Shake Up Call

© Copyright 2006 Baron Sekiya

A QuickTime VR image of Kalahikiola Congregational Church. Click on the image above to view the QTVR. Hold down your mouse button and drag your cursor over the image to pan. Use Shift/Ctrl keys to zoom.

A few more photos are on my member page.

2 replies on “Shake Up Call”

Aloha Baron!

Read your note at Great journalistic resourcefulness and drive regarding your's and your colleagues' coverage of the quake. Consider me a new regular to your site. Attaboys to you!

Mahalo Paula. It's been a somewhat busy week. Lots of media have reported the two aftershocks about 5am Tuesday morning but I didn't feel them as I probably slept right through them. What I DID feel was the 1am aftershock Tuesday morning since I was awake and felt a good jolt hit Kona.

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