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Turkey Dinner, day #3

Okay, I didn’t post any Thanksgiving Day photos of the food we had, I was too busy cooking the stuff up and eating. Okay, it was pre-cooked but I did have to heat the stuff up, plus I was busy with the earthquake earlier in the day.

So the day after Thanksgiving I had the same turkey dinner, which was nice but here on day three I had to try something different. I was planning on making Juk, a turkey and rice soup but at the last minute I changed my mind. So before heading out to work I whipped up an adobo sauce, marinated the turkey pieces in it so I could cook it when I got home. The result is the turkey adobo below.

Turkey Adobo
It came out pretty good and was a nice change from the past two days of Thanksgiving meal turkey. But I’ve still got turkey and fixings to go. Turkey tacos next?

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Juk sounds ono! I made no turkey, so I get no soup! Sure you had the turkey sandwiches? stir-fry turkey and veggies? turkey in cream of mushroom soup over rice? shredded turkey and cabbage? How about turkey omlettes? turkey ala king? turkey ala queen? (gotta be fare!) Aw heck, just gobble, gobble it! PS. reheating counts as cooking because you still gottal clean up afterwards!

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