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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Starting off St. Patrick’s celebration at the Mixx Bistro.

Glennon and Melita
Glennon chimps on his new Canon PowerShot along with Melita (hey! That’s the same camera I’ve got).

Cashew Noodle Nest
I’m not a vegetarian anymore, at one time I was a vegan too but that was pretty hard. But this vegetarian cashew vegetable noodle nest was tasty and filling.

Plastic Irish Car Bomb
Don’t try this at home kids, ask your mom for a real shot-glass. The Mixx decided to serve the Irish Car Bombs with plastic cups and plastic shot glasses. I dropped the little shot into the Guinness and it floated instead of sinking. It needed a bit of a nudge.

Then over to Durty Jake’s after Bubba Gumps.
Mixx Bistro Irish music and Durty Jakes with Damien taking an Irish Car Bomb for the team (4.4MB)

7 replies on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

The Mix sucks. What kind of bar serves Irish Car Bombs in plastic glasses and only stocks one draft beer on St. Patrick's Day- Killian's Irish Red? It's made by Coors for crying out loud!

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