No, it doesn’t cut-n-paste, but the iPhone does blend. I think I’m going to wait and get the Treo 755p, it blends a bit smoother, the iPhone leaves that metal bezel and that’s too much roughage.

*Update* Darn, just when I thought I’d have to stick with the Treo due to my favorite apps not being on the iPhone I read this at the SplashData website. Forces are pulling.

Do you plan on developing a version of SplashID for the iPhone?Yes, in fact, we do. We have just begun the planning phase (July 2007) of a web based version of SplashID, which would include an interface for the iPhone browser. If you would like to be notified if and when such a version of SplashID is available, please give us your email address.

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My brother got his and let my mother use it….I am amazed she would even put her hands on it! Me, I don't even want the camera options on my phone, but there is no choice. If you want a new phone, you gotta have the camera! always, your low-tech pal in Volcano…d

Camera phones are useful. Best use: Taking photos of flyers on library bulletin boards of upcoming events so I don't have to write 'em down. 2nd Best use: Taking a photo of the aisle where I park my car at Ala Moana Shopping Center so I can find it later. 3rd best use: Moblogs

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