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Apples and Cheesecake

Central Park

A glimpse of Central Park as I made my way to the mecca for all Apple users.

Apple Store

The flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. It’s a beautiful store, big though I must admit too many iPhones on display for my taste. And I didn’t cave, I didn’t walk out of there with an iPhone or new MacBook Pro, though I would have liked a new laptop.

Apple Store staircase

A view of the glass staircase looks like an iPod ad inside the store as people ride the glass elevator.

Lindy’s Cheesecake

Real New York cheesecake at Lindy’s. I already took a bite before I remembered to shoot a photo. I’m told by Jeanne that what makes it ‘real’ New York cheesecake is that the crust is made out of white cake and not graham cracker like most recipes.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station in New York. Public transportation here is excellent, no need for finding a parking space in the city. Though I still need to make sure I catch the right train and subway when I go to the city. Mahalo to Trevor for the excellent website link to where you can figure-out what train to catch for where you need to go. If you’ve got a PDA or iPhone it will format the information for you.

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