Building a better Canon

Baron and Canon execs

Met the Canon top brass this morning when I happen to run into them at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy Visitor Information Station. The CEO of Canon USA saw I had Canon cameras and asked me if I had used Nikon, I told him the last Nikon I really used was an F2AS. I also mentioned that Canon needs to be consistent on making all of their lenses, especially those ‘L’ lenses, excellent since a few ‘L’ lenses have been inconsistent (hey, he asked). I told him the original 16-35/2.8L was ‘warui.’ He thanked me and said their goal was to be there for photographers 24/7/365. Canon Professional Services has always done a great job helping pros with gear and service, it’s one of the reasons I’m a Canon user.

In full disclosure this was shot with a Sigma 8mm fisheye. Ouch!

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How cool is that? You must have been stoked to meet the head honcho. Did he tell you who he was right away? Or did he wait until after you gave him the opinion about the L lenses?

Well, in reality the thought crossed my mind to blast these guys about Canon's lack of quality control in search of the almighty dollar, I mean almighty Yen.

But I let them off fairly easily. It's a good thing there were only two us mentioning some quality issues with Canon gear. I know of a few pros that would have sent those guys screaming for their van to get out of there.

Now if they had given us a couple of free 400/2.8L IS lenses I may have thought differently.

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