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2012 – The Movie Review


Noble scientist tries to save the world but it’s a secret (he lives)

Explosions, crashes, earthquakes, devestation (this is the best part)

Doom kept secret by government, those who stumble upon secret murdered

Divorced dad stumbles upon government secret with kids but doesn’t know it (they live)

Whackjob into conspiracy theories tells divorced dad the secret (he dies)

Explosions, crashes, earthquakes, devestation, tidal waves (this is the best part)

Boyfriend of ex-wife (he dies)

Tramp dies

Divorced dad has overly long, melodramatic scene with ex-wife before he saves the day in the nick of time (she lives)

Explosions, crashes, earthquakes, devestation, tidal waves (this is the best part)

Noble scientist macks President’s daughter (scientist & President’s daughter live, President dies)

Mankind survives (about 300-400K live if you don’t count Africa)

Dad is hero, stands in gleaming sunset with ex-wife and kids all happy

*footnote: President is black, Asians in background and minor hero roles, Russians are bad (but do good things in tough situations), common sense not included in the plot.

I give the movie 1.5 stars, maybe 3.5 stars if you turn your brain off halfway though. Did I mention that the explosions, crashes, earthquakes, devestation and tidal waves are the best part?

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I haven't seen the movie, but your review didn't spoil a thing. With this type of movie it's all about the crahes, floods, chases, explosions and eathquakes. The less plausable the better.

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