Teshima’s North & Red Velvet Cake

Tempura, Teshima-style.

Had the annual Teshima’s birthday lunch but this time instead of driving to Kona we cooked it up ourselves in Waimea. Not all of it shown in these photos as I was too busy eating. Tempura purple sweet potato, carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, onion, shrimp, namasu, rice, miso soup, dipping sauce, green tea and something not served at Teshima’s, red velvet cake.

This was a ton of food and I had to take a break before the cake. Next year we’re gonna have to invite more people or cook less food. I think I ate enough tempura to last me a year…unless I drop by Sekiya’s. I usually get the teriyaki beef & tempura combo at Teshima’s. The tempura we made came out pretty darn close if not the same as Teshima’s.

Birthday cake for Aquarians.
Slice of Red Velvet cake.

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