Buffalo on a bun

A Buffalo Jalapeno Cheese Brat with onions, extra jalapenos, pepper jelly, relish and some carb loaded sides.
Not cheap for these gormet dogs. Might have to try Santa's favorite, Reindeer Monster Polish next.
The Hot Dog Guy and myself. At the Y-Split of Hwy 132 and Pohoiki Road. He says he's there every weekday. He kinda looks like he could be Cowman's cousin.

I try to patronize local food vendors if I eat out for some local support. I’ve had the corn guy and chicken guy’s offerings from Hwy 130 near the Eagles in Kea‘au for nice dinner fixings. I kept driving past this Hot Dog Guy along the highway and decided it was the day to give him a try.

I went for the Buffalo Jalapeno Brat with all the fixin’s loaded on. He fired up the gas bbq grill to make a pretty good dog. The brat was tasty with some snap to it. Could have been a bit hotter but I should have put more jalapenos on it so that’s my fault.

I asked him about the Pizza Dude (they’re all dudes right?) next to the corn and chicken dude on Hwy 130 and HDG said the pizza was pretty good with a spicy sauce. I think Pizza Dude is not around while school is out, maybe he’ll come back. Not sure if he’s one of the guys at Makuu Farmer’s Market.

And for those with big appetites there’s always the VFW Post 3830 all you can eat breakfast for $5 in Nanawale Estates. Next breakfst is Sunday (July 18) with SOS on the menu.

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