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Technicolor Cinestyle for Canon HDSLR cameras

Loaded the Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style into both my Canon 7D and Canon 60D cameras. The profile produces a very flat image in order to expand the dynamic range of color graded video in editing.

I have to admit the video straight out of the camera looks really crappy as it’s very low contrast.

The Picture Style files also includes a LUT (Look Up Table) to bring the contrast back into play for contrast and color. If you use Final Cut Pro you’ll need a way to use the LUT file, you can get Magic Bullet LUT Buddy for free which will work with FCP and with Premiere.

I gave it a try this past weekend. Shot Brittni Paiva playing ukulele with the Canon 60D at 1080p/24fps with Cinestyle, brought it into FCP, applied LUT, did some adjustments, sent it to Compressor and output a 1080p/24 file which I uploaded to YouTube. Here’s the result below.

Brittni Paiva plays Csárdás off her self-titled album ‘Brittni’ during the 10th Annual AstroDay event in Hilo May 7, 2011. Shot using Technicolor Cinestyle Picture Style.

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