Yet another badly written House Bill that would hurt Public Access TV

You can view the letter I wrote below to the House members from the Big Island. This is in regards to House Bill 2654 going before committee today. You can view the bill and submit testimony at

From: Baron Sekiya
Subject: I oppose House Bill 2654 as currently written
Date: February 7, 2012 12:58:12 PM HST
Another bad legislative bill going before committee today has come to my attention. HB2654 talks about improving broadband infrastructure in Hawaii, which is good, but also moves cable regulation to DBEDT from DCCA which is BAD for oversight. DBEDT is a ‘resource center’ whereas DCCA is in charge of ‘protecting the community from unfair and deceptive business practices.’
Also nothing in HB2654 to continue funding Community Access Television, BAD.
There are aspects of the bill which are good, hey, who wouldn’t like better broadband internet access? But other portions need to be rewritten to better serve the public.
At this time I urge those of you on the committee hearing the bill today to vote ‘NO’ on HB2654 and for other representatives to oppose it should the bill move forward as written.
Mahalo Nui Loa,
Baron Sekiya
President, Na Leo ‘O Hawai‘i Public Access Television

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