Food fit for a pirate

Tommy “The Polynesian Pirate” Ching digs into Hawaiian food for lunch at the Waikii Music Festival. Tommy is a local radio DJ who often emcees events and he told me to forget the backstage free food (chili and hot dogs) and grind on some Hawaiian food being sold by vendors. Here Tommy goes for some sashimi and he’s already scarffed-down some fried fish, poi, laulau, lomi lomi salmon, rice, and fresh crab. ono kine grinds as they say.

So I decided to go local and got the lau lau plate. Clockwise from the top left: macaroni salad, lomi lomi salmon, pork/fish laulau, rice (with some shoyu on it). You could bust a gut eating this plate of food and I couldn’t finish it.

Here’s my view of the stage while eating lunch. Could there be a better place to enjoy a lunch? Clouds on the edges but sunny, a cool breeze that was a little chilly if you were in the shade too long. You couldn’t ask for more comfortable weather. And on stage was the group Keahiwai doing their set.

I’ve got to hand it to Ed Yap and his beautiful wife Nani Lim-Yap for putting on this event every Father’s Day weekend. I had heard earlier a month or two ago it was cancelled but somehow they managed to pull it off. They were expecting a bigger crowd on Sunday as that’s Father’s Day. And what a way for dad to relax. Pull up a beach chair or beach mat, Hawaiian food, Hawaiian music, places for kids to go play games and cool weather to fall asleep by.

Dropping in the universe

Today I was having a conversation with a couple of state workers and things started to drift to politics. So I needed an escape hatch, not that I mind talking politics, but opinions always get heated, so I asked them where do the locals go to eat food in Honokaa? We all agreed that Tex Drive Inn with their ‘ono kine’ malasadas has gone quite touristy. They suggested I go to a place just below Honokaa High School so off I drove to C.C. Jon’s Snack-in Shoppe.

School got out early on Wed and I got to the snack shop about 10min after the last bell rang. It was my late lunch and wasn’t sure if I should really try the tiny shop but decided to check it out.

When I walked in the doorway I was transported back in time to another universe. An age of innocence, where jars of candy against the wall awaited the pointing fingers of kids to be chosen like puppies in a pet store. And candy is asked for not by name but by the color of its package.

Kids jammed the counter near the shave ice machine where an elderly Asian man carefully packed the snow onto cups and re-quizzed kids as to what flavor they wanted. The man is deliberate and careful building the shave ice and the kids are all very patient and polite waiting their turns.

Everyone in there, except me, ordered like they’ve done it a million times before. I heard someone order a large vanilla Coke. Now I know Coke now makes vanilla flavor, along with lime, lemon and cherry, but this place had a dispenser, not bottled soda. Then I noticed that they were adding flavored syrups to the soda for an extra charge. Vanilla, coconut and other flavors.

At a round table in the tiny snack shop high school boys relax and lean back in their chairs talking-story to each other. Younger kids had more purpose ordering drinks, food, candy and shave ice. This was their universe and I was just lucky enough to be sitting there like a bug on the wall taking it all in. It was like watching some Discovery Channel special about local soda-fountain shops. I am also lucky enough, I figure, that I look local and blended-in and didn’t disrupt life in the shop.

I probably need to get back here to make some photos. Sitting there at the old style soda-fountain counter on glittery, shiny red round vinyl seats really takes me back in time. Back to when things were simple, folks got along and life was good. Everyone should have such a place to go to often or at least visit.

Cheeseburgers in paradise

A conversation from the movie Pulp Fiction

JULES Hamburgers. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. What kinda hamburgers?
BRETT Cheeseburgers.
JULES No, I mean where did you get’em? MacDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack-in-the-Box, where?
BRETT Big Kahuna Burger.
JULES Big Kahuna Burger. That’s that Hawaiian burger joint. I heard they got some tasty burgers. I ain’t never had one myself, how are they?
BRETT They’re good.
JULES Mind if I try one of yours?
JULES Yours is this one, right?
Jules grabs the burger and take a bite of it.
JULES Uuummmm, that’s a tasty burger. (to Vincent) Vince, you ever try a Big Kahuna Burger?

Okay, so why the photo of the McDonald’s cheeseburger? Well, it was my lunch but there’s another reason too which I can’t say at this time. But suffice to say that it’s your pretty standard run of the mill cheeseburger, not a Kahuna Burger and it was my late lunch on Saturday. Sorry if the photo grosses you out, maybe it’s supposed to so you won’t eat one.

Saturday, my Monday since I’m off on Thursday and Friday, had me shooting the rodeo and a track meet. I only pretty much shot photos for the newspaper at those two things so no POTD from those assignments. Better luck tomorrow.