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Developing WordPress plugins

Geek-talk ahead

I put together my first WordPress plugin and was going to submit it to the plugin repository but on second thought I decided not to because:

  • You have to jump through a few hoops to install it
  • You have to continue jumping through a few hoops to maintain it
  • I may lag in the hoop-jumping maintaining the plugin myself though I’ve been updating it fairly well so far

The plugin solves the use of shortcodes like those that come with WooThemes and Elegant Themes when displayed via WPtouch/Pro on a mobile device. Without the plugin scheme the raw shortcodes will be rendered on a mobile screen which is both ugly and dysfunctional.

So if you want it go the link at the top of this page or click here.

The formatting of the plugin page isn’t pretty because it was created according to the strict guidelines of WordPress plugin documentation.

Remember, I warned you about the hoops.

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Hawaii, Kentucky or Idaho No Ka ‘Oi?

Did a photo shoot for the New York Times the other week up in Hawi. A beautiful home with a landscaped three acres and a view. The article says you can see Maui but it was late in the afternoon and cloudy so I must have missed it on that day. And no ocean sunsets here at this time of year.

So what’s your choice for $925K? Where would you rather live? Click on the image above for the article.

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Molokai on my mind

Me, standing on Papohaku Beach on Molokai
Me, standing on Papohaku Beach on Molokai on the western shore.

Some folks have been wondering what the heck was I doing on Molokai. Standing on a sunny beach of the western shore of Molokai as Oahu and the Big Island experienced a deluge of rain.

Well, I guess despite my pushing ahead with my internet product Hawaii 24/7 I’m still a newspaper photographer at heart, just not for the same old newspaper.

I shot an assignment for the New York Times on Molokai.

You can see the story here.

You can see a slideshow here.

You can see me taking photos of people taking photos here. It was a Canadian couple that I photographed and they included me on their blog. NY Times decided not to use the phallic rock photo, maybe a bit too lascivious for a family paper like them.

So if your birdcage is really missing my photos in a print edition, I suggest buying the New York Times once in awhile. It also makes excellent fish-wrap at the market.

Me standing at the mouth of Halawa Valley on the eastern shore of Molokai later that afternoon.
Me standing at the mouth of Halawa Valley on the eastern shore of Molokai later that afternoon.