Maka`eo Sunset

Sunset at the Maka`eo Walking/Running path at the Old Kona Airport Park. This is where I’ve been spending much of my free time the past month or so doing laps. At first it was for a fitness team challenge, now it’s just for myself. I got up to 50 miles/week then got hit with shin splints and I thought I’d do zero during the last week of the fitness challenge but managed to painfully pound out another 30 miles. Alas, my team came in second place despite our total mileage after a month of 517.5 miles. The winning team had 680.7 miles, there’s always next year. (A little bird told me we may have been the actual 1st place team, some dubious math may have played a part) For our 2nd place finish our team members all got free passes for the Body Glove cruise which means a fun cruise on a catamaran around off the Kona coast then a stop to snorkle near Honokohau harbor. Not bad for 2nd place, there may even be food involved in this cruise.

The beach and ocean is just beyond those trees in the distance, a nice place to catch the green flash of a sunset into the ocean which Karen and I saw one day. Okay, I lied, I’m partial red-green colorblind so Karen saw it, I’ll just have to trust her that it happened.

Yet another fountain grass photo, this time with sunset light instead of sunrise. This grass is actually quite a pest here in Hawaii but I like the way the light hits the tops.

Karen said I should blog more about what I say/do so here it goes. Today Karen was saying that she’s ‘getting fat’, yeah right, I told her I doubt she could get membership to the ‘fat club’ and that we’d have to leave her on the doorstep standing on the welcome mat. In fact I told her I didn’t know how she remained slim despite the amount of food we’re stuffing into our faces. I said she must have a tapeworm.

“The tapeworm is the future,” I told Karen. “It’s the next big thing after the Atkins diet.” When people get tired of being restricted to all that meat eating we’ll have our own personal tapeworms that will allow us to eat anything we want. If we’re really gonna pig-out we can get more than one. It would be like a little pet that would pop out of our mouths every once in awhile so we could pat it on the head for doing such a good job. She laughed and thought it was another of my crazy ideas.

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